Get a head start on testing planning and execution with automation.

Track and collaborate on every testing effort and have immediate insight into all testing activities. Know immediately who tested what, when, and what the result was.


Simple and easy test scenario traceability

Test scenarios automatically generated from requirements are automatically connected so the most common traceability is already established.

No guessing, no manual work, and no confusion.


Maintain one single view of all testing activities

Stay in one place to have a full and complete view of all testing activity for a project.

Know which test execution activities are surfacing potential issues and which ones are going well.


Test case execution is now repeatable, and scalable

The crucial interaction between testers and resolvers is front and center of every test case execution activity.

Every time a test case is executed the workflow is updated for fast and easy testing and resolving collaboration.


A test case review and approval process that works

It’s built in. Submit one, some, or all test scenarios for a project through an engaging and trackable approval process.

At a single test scenario or approver level, you can see who has responded and who hasn’t, track and respond to questions during the approval process, and separate distinct groups of approvers for multiple levels of approvals.


Linked design and configuration management